Seal-Pro offers unique South African 100% Eco Friendly products that were engineered specifically (OR specially) for the extreme weather conditions of South Africa, focusing on the shortfalls of existing sealant and coating products.

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The Seal-Pro Evolution

Eric Duffield comes from a mechanical engineering background, having studied at the former Rand Afrikaans University during the early 1990’s and entered into the manufacturing industry in 1995.

He started in the plastics film industry where he was involved in film blown packaging and printing. He developed an interest in Polyethylenes and Propylenes and has designed various machines and techniques in bag making and printing of specific designed brands.

He then entered into civil engineering and designs, working in association with numerous Consulting Engineers and Development companies. In the Civil Engineering field he came across numerous shortcomings with regards to waterproofing. In attempting to solve waterproofing problems he used numerous products already available on the market without success.

Meanwhile, Eric got involved with a company called YES (Youth Education through Sport), owned by Jock Coombes. YES wanted to develop a product for building sports courts at low cost in the African market. Sourcing traditional building materials in rural Africa was a big stumbling block. A methodology was then developed to allow building with materials available on site. A soil stabilizer was introduced and showed great success, not only in terms of its stabilizing properties, but also in providing a waterproof base to build on. The product thereafter evolved into one that could be sprayed onto natural compacted soil to form a base for a sports court. From there a highly successful system of polymer screeds and coatings was developed with which to build a sport court can be built virtually anywhere.

Through our research and development we created SealPro.

The applications for SealPro  are numerous and as a result we have changed our core business from construction to manufacturing. We adjusted the formulation of our products to such an extent that they now work for spray-on, roll-on and paint-on applications, thus opening up industrial and residential markets.

We have extended our range from sports courts to waterproofing, wall coats, industrial protective linings and floor coatings. We have over 200 standard colours available and we can match almost any other colour that is not in our standard range.

To operate our manufacturing plant with the highest standard of quality and excellence and distribute to 7 new blending plants throughout South Africa within the next 5 years.

The following areas of expansion have been identified: Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, KZN, Freestate and Limpopo.

Improving the quality of lives of and service to our clients in general, by setting new standards – of – excellence.
To become Africa’s leading waterproof coating supplier.
We believe in honesty, integrity, quality and we expect the same of everybody in our business.

Sales Executives

We currently have 6 sales executives servicing three of the above mentioned areas Gauteng, Freestate and KZN.

We are planning to expand to the Western & Eastern Cape within the next 6 months. It is envisaged that the Northern Cape and Limpopo will follow in the following 12 months where after our focus will turn to the set-up of blending plants in these areas which will increase our service to clients and be more sustainable to growth.

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