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tHE Seal-Pro Evolution

Eric Duffield comes from a mechanical engineering background, having studied at the former Rand Afrikaans University during the early 1990’s and entered into the manufacturing industry in 1995.

He started in the plastics film industry where he was involved in film blown packaging and printing. He developed an interest in Polyethylenes and Propylenes and has designed various machines and techniques in bag making and printing of specific designed brands.

A few of our products


a long-lasting, low maintenance waterproofing product with exceptional adhesive properties used for waterproofing of roofs, parapets, patios, hollow-core slabs, retaining walls, foundations, water features, dams etc. It bonds to existing torch-on systems and covers these jointed surfaces with a seamless membrane.

Sport Seal

successfully used on play surfaces, sport courts and at nursery schools. And after extensive testing on our sport courts, the NBA decided to use our product on all their basketball courts.

Terra Firma (Soil Stabiliser)

In our quest to improve on standard building practices and a request from the NBA of America to find alternative building methods for constructing all outdoor sport surfaces in rural areas in Africa with limited access to standard building materials, Terra Firma was born.

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